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What we do to represent sellers:

Our agents have access to many tools and information to compare other sales in the neighborhood. We will provide you with a recommended listing price based on the housing market in your area. Because we are representing you, it is in both of you and our interest to sell as high a price as possible. There may be scenarios where we price low in order to attract more buyers, but our goal is to encourage competitive bidding to sell your home at the best possible price. Our experienced agents will choose the most appropriate tactics depending on different situations to.  

As your agent we will help you to make your home look its best when presented on the market for sale. Our agents know what buyers are looking for, therefore we will go over room by room with you and provide you with detailed advice from how to arrange your funiture to which bedsheet to use to match your wall colors. Depending on the housing market and your budget, we may recommend a stager to enhance the look of your house. We also have connections to cleaners, painters and other repairs company to make sure your home is ready for sale.

Acting on your behalf we want as many buyers to know about your house as possible, therefore we will print flyers and advertise your house on hundreds of websites such as MLS. We will hold open houses or other methods depending on the market to attract more prospective buyers. When buyers wish to view the house privately, we are there to help you to give the best presentation possible.

Depending on the states requirement, sellers must disclose certain known problems to their house to buyers. If problems such as leaky roof is not propertly disclosed, the seller may be held responsible even after the house is sold. Therefore it is critical to have someone who is aware of all the disclosure rules. Our agents will take the time to explain and provide you with forms to make sure all legal requirements are met.

Signing a contract is overwhelming especially if it is your first time selling a house. When negotiating offers we are here to review all the details with you and explain any contingencies the buyer may have. With decades of experience in negotiating with buyers/sellers, we will guide you on how to respond to buyer. When the offer is accepted, we will go over all the terms in the contract to make sure it is in the best of your interest. Then our agent will coordinate between you, the buyer’s agent, and other professionals such as inspectors that are involved in the transaction. We are here to make sure all documents and legal procedures are signed and completed by the closing date, leaving you with peace of mind.


What we do to represent buyers:

Buying a house is a complicated process, that is why our agent is here to walk you through every step of the way. Your first step is finding the right agent. We have agents that come from different backgrounds and speak different languages to suit your needs. When looking for the right agent, it is important to note their experience in the field and areas they specialize in. Our agents have served decades in the Los Angeles County and Orange County, therefore are very familiar with the market and trend. 

Our agents take the time and patience to analyze your needs. We have many tools and database access such as MLS to help you to find your dream home.  The entire transaction may move very quickly, therefore you may find it overwhelming if there is no one to help you. Our agents are very experienced, so you can leave all the work such as hiring inspectors or negotiating with sellers to us. 

When the offers been accepted and is time to close the deal, we use our in-house escrow to facilitate the remainder of the transactions. This means less hassle and faster processing time for you.

We believe every buyer should always have their own real estate agent, simply because buyers don’t have to pay their representing agent’s service! By not having an agent representing you, the only person that benefits is the listing agent who gets to keep all the commission. So why not have someone looking out for you? On top of that don’t we all love free services? 



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EB-5 is The Immigrant Investors Program. Our professionals have helped thousands of investors to obtain their permanent residents status in the U.S. Our mission is to obtain projects with minimal risk that meets the stingent EB-5 program requirements, and at the same time provide good returns for our clients. To see more information and how we can help you, click here.



Escrow services:


We also provide all types of Escrow services.

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