Management Team

President/CEO: Elaine Ku


When you meet Elaine Ku, owner of the Century 21 Dynasty, you will always be greeted and welcomed with the utmost respect and professionalism as she believes that anything positive should start at the top and be utilized at all levels of the company. Her biggest concern will always be your ongoing success from the start and your improvement from there forward. As owner she will identify your positive attributes, polish your sales skills, and work with you on a business plan that is both achievable and measurable with accountability. 

Her personal motto is “Your success is my ultimate goal!” – and that is something that you can count on! You will learn it is her passion to share the various “gems” of leadership knowledge she has discovered through many years in real estate and through those who have been there to help her. Thanks to the prominent coaches with whom she has been honored to study with in her career, including world-famous real estate success coaches Mike Ferry, Brian Buffini, former Century 21 president Tom Kunz and business and life success coaches John Maxwell and David Halpern, Elaine has grown and will continue to develop her leadership roles .

Another mentor who helped her along the way was her own mother. Early in life Elaine’s mother instilled in her the value of hard work which she is very grateful. Elaine’s mother also taught that life has no boundaries on what you can accomplish and the lone way to achieve one’s success is through focus and enthusiasm and having the mantra that you will never give up.

Because of this, Elaine feels a special bond with those who work for the Dynasty Real Estate Family. Whether it is sending out an early morning affirmation to all agents, or just meeting with one agent to remind that person that he or she can do it, she does it with enthuisiasm. She loves the people whom she works with and like her motto stated earlier, her goal is to see everyone succeed. What is most important is the love and care we all share for each other and Elaine believes when there is a continued effort to succeed, we will celebrate together!

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Management Team 

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